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While all companies claim to provide comprehensive services, only Bartlett & Sons truly has the capabilities to deliver on this promise. We are excited to show you!

Wooden sign on a beach with 'Peace Of Mind' written on it

Imagine arriving at your beach house for the season and finding everything ready for a summer of fun.

The outdoor furniture is placed, the pool is crystal clear, the landscape is blooming, and the fridge is even full of your favorite foods and drinks!

Your home at the shore should not be a source of stress! Becoming a Bartlett & Sons Certified Customer will take that weight off your shoulders! Let our caring technicians and proven subcontractors take care of all your maintenance needs. Let us help make your time at the shore hassle free!

From regular scheduled house checks and minor repairs to major renovations; we do it all.

Some Of Our Services Are:

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  • House Checks

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    • Weekly

    • Bi-Weekly

    • Monthly

    • Storm


      Pre-Storm: before predicted major storms to ensure house is secure

      Post-Storm: after major storms to ensure house is secure

    • Freeze Watch

    • Upon Request

  • Water Services

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    • Water Filtration

    • Water Softener

    • Water Turn on Inside

    • Water Turn on Outside

    • Water Heater Flush

  • Andersen Services

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    • Andersen Spring Service


      1-2 hour service visit to check your Andersen and Thermatru products. Adjust and repair whatever time allows

    • Andersen Clean and Lube


      Service all Andersen windows and doors including, cleaning, and lubricating operating mechanism and making repairs as necessary

  • Spring Opening / Fall Close

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    • Dune Walk


      Install in the spring; store in the fall

    • Hot Tub Open/ Close/ Service


      Open for the season and cover stored in spring; winterized and covered with existing winter cover in the fall. And or cleaning services done weekly suring the season

    • Landscape Cleanup


      Clean up yard of debris accumulated over winter months in spring: clean up yard and remove annual plantings from flower beds and pots in fall

    • Outdoor Furniture


      Remove from storage and set up on deck/patio in spring; store in secure area in the fall; including grill

    • Pool Open/ Close/ Service


      Open for the season and cover stored in spring; winterized and covered with existing winter cover in fall. Weekly cleaning service available

    • Power Washing

    • Sand Removal

    • Spring Major Cleaning

    • Window Cleaning/ Screens

  • Other

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    • Carpet Cleaning

    • Ceramic Coating


      Outdoor appliances treated with ceramic coating to delay rusting

    • Deck Stained

    • Landscape Maintenance / Weed Control


      Summer tune-up weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly spray for seasonal weed control beginning in early spring

    • Scheduled Indoor Cleaning


      Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly

    • Screen Maintenance


      Repair torn or damaged screens as needed

    • Stock Pantry


      Grocery service

    • Storm Shutters


      Serviced and tested for fall

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